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Company name: Chongqing Yuanshang Network Technology Co. LTD

Suspensionclub.co.uk is the suspension kit category station of maxpeedingrods, which is for the UK market. We never stop and strictly control the pace, from design to factory to product market, carefully select products, and are committed to providing customers with high-quality coilover.

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We adhere to the business tenet of quality first and reputation first and keep making progress. We will do our best to provide a variety of high-quality coilover and services for modified car lovers.



High-quality coilover brings you a high-quality experience.
1.24-stage damping is adjustable. Create a comfortable driving experience for the rider by adjusting the damping.
2. Shock absorber connecting plate made of 6061 aluminum forged with T6. Enhance the performance, strength and durability of the product when turning.
3. Steel (aluminum) base connector. High-strength steel (aluminum) shaft, highly lubricated design for convenient and accurate setting of shock absorbers.
4. With two T6 spring locks made of 6061 aluminum, if there is no special need, spring lock A keeps still, only use B to adjust.
5. Built-in dust cover, built-in rubber diaphragm seal to protect the cleanliness and performance of damping.
After 600,000 repeated tests, the deformation rate is less than 0.04%. Special surface treatment improves performance and durability.
6. With high tension spring, improve sensitivity, effectively reduce impact and prevent roll.
7. High precision molding, good controllability and high stability.

When the coilovers got worn.